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Help your patients get better results by using exclusive plant-based formulations designed to provide targeted nutrition at the cellular level to improve health.

Qgenics’ proprietary formulations were designed based on many years of research into metabolic health. They utilize only natural, high-quality ingredients balanced for optimum potency and efficacy.

Qgenics’ formulations utilize Cellinfusion™ Technology which increases absorption 3.4 times giving greater bioavailability of the nutrients at the cellular level to provide better results and more value for money. 

Targeted Nutrition Powered by Science
Qgenics formulations have been tested over time and developed based on clinical results. Every ingredient is backed by scientific research and evidence and has been clinically tested.

The research was privately funded at a cost of over 70 million dollars and took nearly 3 decades to accomplish. This means that there was no outside influence to steer it one way or the other to satisfy some vested interest.

Cellinfusion™ Technology - Working at a cellular level to improve health
Many supplements are simply flushed out of the body. They are a waste of time and money. Qgenics formulations are designed to target cellular activity and move it closer to optimum functioning. Every product utilizes Cellinfusion™ Technology to increase absorption 3.4x for maximum cellular benefit.

Proprietary Formulation
These special formulations are exclusive to Qgenics. They were formulated so that every ingredient provides the desired result, and also that all the ingredients in a formulation are balanced and work together to be potent and effective.

Highest Quality Ingredients
Our manufacturer sources the highest quality, natural ingredients. We never use synthetic ingredients.

100% Natural Plant-based Ingredients
Scientific studies have demonstrated the nutritional and health benefits of natural plant sources. Plant-based ingredients support the World Health Organization's Technical Series Report 916, page 42, which states, “We should eat a diet consistent with the diet our genes became programmed to respond to.” Genetically, our bodies are designed to respond to plant nutrition.

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